What is Meditation

There are many aspects of life over which we have no control. It is, nevertheless, feasible to accept responsibility for our own mental states — and to alter them for the better. This, according to Buddhism, is the most important thing we can do, and it is the only true remedy to our own personal tragedies, as well as the anxieties, phobias, hatreds, and general confusions that plague humanity.


Meditation is a technique for changing one’s thoughts. Buddhist meditation techniques stimulate and build attention, clarity, emotional positivity, and a peaceful seeing of things in their real essence. By engaging in a specific meditation practice, you can learn about your mind’s patterns and habits, as well as build new, more positive ways of being. These nourishing, focused states of mind can evolve into profoundly tranquil and energetic states of mind with continuous work and patience. Such encounters have the potential to transform people and lead to new perspectives on life.

Countless meditation traditions have evolved over millennia in the world.


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Vivian Baptiste

Vivian Baptiste


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